Since its inception in 1986, Foresight Financial Services has focused its expertise on the issues and complexities related to reserve analysis and long-range budgeting for Common Interest Developments. Uncompromising dedication to quality, meticulous attention to detail, and a steadfast commitment to service have earned us recognition as a leader in the Reserve Study industry.

Our program is designed in accordance with the requirements established by California Civil Code Section 1365, complies with the Department of Real Estate – Reserve Study Guidelines, conforms to the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants Audit Standards and is continually enhanced to accommodate increasingly rigid specifications. As consultants to Common Interest Developments, Management Professionals, Accountants, Real Estate Developers, and Attorneys our service plays a vital role in the implementation of an effective financial plan.

Foresight Financial Services is solidly committed to providing the finest analysis available. Accordingly, Reserve Studies are all we do. We are specifically organized for efficient performance in this unique field, independently operated, and unyielding in our efforts to remain on the cutting edge. We are not a Construction Company, CPA firm or Management Company who merely sideline in the industry or create concerns over potential conflicts of interest or appearances of impropriety.

We recognize that accurate and meaningful information is one of the most valuable resources in today’s complex environment. As a result, we produce a Reserve Study that has set the industry standard. Our proprietary software can accommodate the most demanding of specialized needs. It is State specific, and routinely enhanced in response to this dynamic industry. Unfortunately, much of the frequently used “canned” software available in the marketplace is generically designed for national application so they either fall short or must be compromised to accommodate the robust legal requirements in the state of California. In addition, our exclusive report format is simply in a class by itself. It is specifically designed to be comprehensive, easy to understand, provide unparalleled detail and satisfy all relevant legal requirements.

Our dedication to prompt personalized service assures that we are always available to answer questions, provide guidance, or accommodate specialized needs. We also understand that each client is unique, with a distinctive set of challenges, requirements, and responsibilities, so every Reserve Study is prepared accordingly. We never employ a generic, inflexible “one size fits all” approach. You are not just another account number to us and you won’t get lost in a frustrating maze of “Project Managers”, “Valuation Consultants”, “Site Inspectors”, “Administrative Personnel” etc.

Serving all Common Interest Developments including: Condominiums & Townhomes, Timeshares & Resorts, Commercial & Industrial Projects, and Planned Unit Developments, by providing serious Reserve Studies for serious communities we’re confident our performance will impress you.


Larry Tarantino possesses a unique blend of education and professional expertise that makes him particularly effective as a Reserve Analyst and Budgeting Specialist. Mr. Tarantino holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting and has attained advanced management positions, including Directorships and Controllerships, in Fortune 500 companies. He has extensive professional experience specializing in the areas of Finance, Cost Accounting, and Long-Range Budgeting.

Mr. Tarantino is also licensed in the State of California as a General Building Contractor and has successfully owned and operated a construction company specializing in the maintenance, renovation and improvement of Common Interest Developments.