Our program is designed in accordance with the requirements established by California Civil Code Section 1365, complies with the Department of Real Estate – Reserve Study Guidelines, and conforms to the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants Audit Standards. We offer serious Reserve Studies for serious communities.

We combine an Executive Report detailing the assumptions and results of our analysis with a Funding Plan that determines ideal reserve balances, calculates annual and monthly funding requirements, and evaluates the relationship between actual accumulated funds and ideal reserve balances (percent funded calculations). Additionally, sophisticated projection models including 30-year cash flow analysis are presented for sound financial planning.

The only way you can have absolute confidence in any analysis is if you fully understand the methodology and how it arrives at its conclusions. Our report format is simply in a class by itself. It truly provides that rare combination of comprehensive, sophisticated and useful, yet direct and easy to understand. Following a simple step by step presentation from the beginning of the process to our ultimate conclusions, all formulas and computations are fully explained.

To provide maximum utility and facilitate difficult budgeting decisions we supply sophisticated projection models in the form of a familiar Excel Spreadsheet. This interactive template is custom generated for your community and allows you to explore the results of alternative funding plans by adjusting a range of values and parameters.

Reserve Studies are all we do. We are specifically organized for efficient performance in this unique field and independently operated. We are not a Construction Company, CPA firm or Management Company who merely sideline in the industry or create concerns over potential conflicts of interest or appearances of impropriety that may undermine the integrity of the entire process.

Our proprietary software can accommodate the most demanding of specialized needs. It is state specific, and routinely enhanced in response to this dynamic industry. Unfortunately, much of the “canned” software available in the marketplace is generically designed for national application so they either fall short or must be compromised to accommodate the robust legal requirements in the state of California.

Many reserve components are obvious, however some are less conspicuous and often overlooked. The combination of our experience in conducting a proper field inspection and expertise in scrutinizing relevant governing, legal and historical documentation insures that all items that may constitute a reserve component will be properly addressed.

Our analysis is predicated on practical “real world” applications for your specific geographical area, not theoretical engineering standards or national averages.

As a cost-effective alternative we offer a “computer update” option when a full reserve study with an on-site inspection is not warranted. At a greatly reduced cost we can update a previous Reserve Study even if it was prepared by someone else. You should also note that our computer update will include our complete report package, not a scaled down version or “mini” report.

Consistent with our dedication to thoroughness and accuracy our standard procedure incorporates the submission of a draft version of all reports. They are provided for your review, revision and ultimate approval prior to final publication of the Reserve Study.

Our Reserve Study always includes a photographic journal of your reserve components in conjunction with an on-site inspection and there is never an additional fee.